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By Dallas Jeffs


A painting made with hues of blue and whiteMidnight, acrylic on canvas

Linda Henningson works in paint and mixed media, creating artworks that emphasize bright colour and pattern, using recognizable landscapes and still-life scenes as the basis for psychedelic works combining geometric patterns with flat layers of colour

A painting of a landscape with panels of geometric patterningThe Visit, acrylic on canvas


I really enjoy the bright, eye-catching look of Linda’s works, and the way the artist employs hard outlines and clearly delineated shapes to create a graphic look that really pops. The artist’s most recent works seem to each lean on a specific colour or simple colour palette, sometimes with figurative details rendered in two contrasting colours. The effect is like that of a photoshop filter in some cases, and creates an interesting blurring of the lines between these traditional works and a very contemporary, digital aesthetic.

A screen capture of Linda Henningson's art portfolio


Linda also produces works of collage and mixed media. I especially like her Nature series of mixed media works. These pieces capitalize on the rich colour palettes of landscape photos taken with what looks to be a film camera, with painted elements reflecting deep teals, yellows, and greens.


A mixed media collage of a tree at the edge of waterCoastline, mixed media