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By Dallas Jeffs

A text-based artwork with the words "come closer"come closer, acrylic and resin on panel

Texada Island-based artist Linda Henningson works in mixed media, collage and paint, creating works that range from abstractions and landscapes to typographical designs. Linda’s artistic style favors overlapping, hard-edged forms and bright colors.

A collage based on the form of a shorelineIsland Sea Sky #16, collage on shaped panel


I find it really interesting to look through Linda’s abstract and collage works, and see the way the artist utilizes closed shapes and hard outlines – though they may not seek to represent any real form, her abstract works suggest figures in the confidence of their lines. In our previous feature of Linda’s works with formal mimicry, we explored the organic, often plant-like references in these images.

The front page of Linda Henningson's art


Linda has continued to experiment text-based painting in recent years, building up a series of typographical paintings and signs that echo the color schemes of her figurative and abstract paintings. The phrases themselves, devoid of context, offer a tantalizing hint at larger narratives.

A sign on a rounded panel reading "here is everything."here is everything, acrylic and resin on panel