Earth WInd and FIre

Formal Mimicry: Artworks by Linda Henningson By Dallas Jeffs

A painting of a bulbous, abstract form on a red backgroundMagnify Series #4, acrylic on canvas

Mixed media artist Linda Henningson creates abstracted artworks that express a sense of formal mimicry, often appearing deceptively close to floral and landscape forms. Linda has also recently been creating text-based works, in which hand-painted words and phrases appear on top of psychedelic backgrounds.


A mixed media artwork with a seascape washed with thin white paint6

I’m really enjoying Linda’s recent mixed media artworks – these are some of the most realistically rendered, and yet bizarrely dream-like landscapes that I’ve seen. In the series, Linda has painted a variety of subdued natural landscapes with deep greens and earthy tones for trees, grass and water. Each painting is then washed with a ghostly layer of white, creating a strangely veiled appearance as if the image is being viewed through a sheet of mesh of tulle fabric.  


A screen capture of Linda Henningson's art websiteMixed media artworks in Linda's online portfolio


Linda’s Hand-Painted Signs series is a little more upbeat, using saturated colours and, frequently, glitter. The text featured on these signs is vaguely nonsensical, removed from its context, and yet still has a celebratory tone, like in Eat Pie and be Merry, or Yes I am Ready.


A painting of the words eat pie and be merryEat Pie and be Merry, acrylic and resin on panel



The Overview Effect featuring Edgar Mitchell